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Are you ordering staircases and want to know what your stairs will look like when finished?

LK Design System is our new design tool, enabling us to provide precise images of standard-manufactured spiral and straight staircases already at the quotation stage. Changes to dimensions and other modifications can be made in minutes

LK Design System – What is it about?

LKDS, or LK Design System, is LK Stairs’ design tool that makes ordering staircases faster, more efficient, and more flexible. Thanks to LKDS, we can provide a 3D model of our standard products at the time of the quote, eliminating the need for a separate, slow design process.

What are the benefits of LKDS? It significantly reduces the delivery time of our standard products by weeks. Moreover, customers can see exactly what product they will receive. If dimensions or other details need to be refined, it can even be done during a phone conversation

How does LKDS revolutionize staircase ordering?

Precise measurements in the quoting phase

We include a 3D model with the quote for our standard products. This way, our customers know precisely what to expect already during the quoting phase.

Changes to measurements in minutes

Do the staircase measurements need adjusting or are there other changes required? Thanks to LKDS, we can make changes in real-time – updating the plan takes just a couple of minutes instead of hours.

Delivery approximately two weeks faster

Typically, staircase design takes approximately one working day, but thanks to LKDS, it only takes a few minutes. Once the customer approves the plan, we can start manufacturing the product according to the model immediately. This typically speeds up the delivery of the order by a couple of weeks.

No ambiguities

Precise measurements included with the quote

We include precise 3D model of the staircase with the quote, and measurements can be adjusted if needed, for example, during a phone conversation.

Leave a request for a quote!

Let us know what kind of staircase you need, and we’ll send you precise measurements along with the quote.

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LK Porras

LK Porras Oy manufactures, supplies, and installs spiral and straight steel staircases, along with related structures for the industrial sector and builders. Our products are made in Leppävirta, North Savo, where our family business was established in 1974.

We also manufacture step rails. Order step rails conveniently online, tailored to your measurements. The website currently operates only in Finnish.

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