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    LK Porras Ltd is over 40 year old steel structure manufacturer. The company itself is a small family business which designs and manufactures CE marked galvanized spiral stairs in Eastern Finland for building and manufacturing industry.

Spiral staircase

A spiral staircase is a light and space saving solution that fits into most places, even the most challenging ones. Our spiral stairs are always made and designed according to exact measurements; we can produce a staircase as high as needed. LK Porras’ high quality products are made to last; our manufacturing and design have CE-markings.

Different applications for galvanized spiral stairs include industrial plants, commercial buildings, schools and hospitals, parking halls and mining operations. We can also provide spiral staircases with an R30 fire classification (standards EN1365-6 and EN13501-2).

Our spiral staircases are a functioning set of tailored components, designed and manufactured according to ordered specifications. The manufacturing process starts with creating a detailed design; on the premise that it always meets customers’ needs and official regulations. We design stair structures using 3D models, which helps our customers to easily perceive how the whole, detailed spiral staircase will look.

Standards in our operation:

Industrial properties: SFS-EN ISO 14122 parts 1-4
Hot dip galvanizing: SFS-EN ISO 1461
R30 Fire resistance tests and classification: EN 1365-6 and EN 13501-2
Production: SFS-EN 1090-2, CE marking
Designing: Eurocode 3, CE marking

Staircase info:

  • Required space is only diameter +100mm
  • Steps are made from grating (also non-slips available)
  • Railing alternatives:
    • simple standard, mainly for industrial use
    • childproof, where gap between balusters is under 100mm
  • Handrail from 42,4mm steel pipe
  • Steel braces to building every 3000-3500mm
  • All parts are hot dip galvanized
  • CE-marking: Implementation classes EXC1 and EXC2

LK Porras Ltd

LK Porras Ltd is a steel structure manufacturer with over 40 years’ old experience. The company itself is a small family business, which designs and manufactures CE marked galvanized spiral stairs in Eastern Finland, for building and manufacturing industries. All material used is traceable.

Contact info:
LK Porras Ltd
Teollisuustie 10 79100 Leppävirta Finland
tel: +35850 555 0187